R.A.D.A.R. Inc

Riverina and District Animal Rescue Inc. 9890327  ABN 93 048 791 769

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As a rescue organisation we know that our carers, supporters and adoptive families care deeply about all pets. We all know that responsible pet ownership is vital to your pet's well being but it also means a lot more than just “loving your pet”. It also means taking care of them in their time of need, which can mean expensive visits to the vet that many are not financially prepared for. That’s where pet insurance can help. Pet Secure Insurance are working with rescue organisations to promote responsible pet ownership. Their policies pay either 75% or 85% of eligible vet’s bills (depending on what the customer chooses), covers chronic conditions, has no breed exclusions and is guaranteed renewable for life. Like all pet insurance policies, pre-existing conditions are excluded – however customers can apply after 18 months of cover to get this exclusion lifted.

Visit their website www.petsecure.com.au and mention RADAR Inc when applying to receive a rescue discount and a free pet name tag. Email mrsmac470@gmail.com  for the discount codeword.